Statistics: Simple Linear Correlation

Try these parameter values:

Negative Linear Correlation

r: -0.7
slope: -0.5

Positive Linear Correlation

r: 0.7
slope: 0.5

Perfect Linear Correlation

r: 1.0
slope: 0.5

No Linear Correlation

r: 0.0
slope: 0.5

Statistics: Simple Linear Correlation

The correlation coefficient, r is used to answer the question: Is a change in one of the independent varibles associated linearly with a change in the other independent variable? The correlation coefficient is calculated as:

A value of r = 0.0 indicates no linear relationship between the two variables, whereas a value of r = 1.0 or r = -1.0 suggests a strong linear relationship between the two variables. The correlation coefficient can only be used to determine if there is a linear relationship between two variables, it cannot be used to show that one variable is dependent on a second variable.

Statistics: Simple Linear Correlation

Adjust the regression coefficient and slope of the best fit line to the right.

The correlation coefficient, r, ranges from -1 to +1. the sign of this statistic depends on whether the best fit line has a positive or negative slope. Other than the sign, r is independent of the slope of the best fit line.