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1. Please download the Apple Runtime for Java available for FREE at (if you already have the Apple Applet Viewer, skip to step 5):


2. Once the program has downloaded, click on the the MRJ2.2.2.smi icon on your desktop.

3. Click on the MRJ Install icon to install the applet viewer.

4. Open the Apple Applet Runner Folder

5. Click on the Apple Applet Runner Icon

6. In the file menu select Open location

5. Copy the URL of this page and paste it into the Location box of the Applet Runner window.

6. Click Open. The applet may take a moment or two to load.

It will be worth your time, I promise!

NOTE: You can also save the applet in your Apple Applet Viewer Favorites if you want to access it more quickly next time. Do the following:

When the applet is loaded, go to the applets menu and select add applet to list.

Natural Selection: Requirements

Three conditions must be met for selection to occur in a population:

1. Variation: Individuals in the population must differ with respect to the trait in question. Without this variation, all individuals will have the same trait value and cannot be distinguished with respect to that trait.

2. Heritability: The variation found in the population must (at least partially) be heritable, e.g. transmitted from parent to offspring. If the variation in the trait was due entirely to the environment, for example, changes in the parent population would not affect the characteristics of the offspring population.

3. Differential Mortality: Finally, individuals must have a probability of survival that is a function of the value of the trait in question. If all individuals, regardless of there trait value, had an equal probability of survival and fecundity, no predictable change in the mean value of the population would occur.

Natural Selection: Requirements

Observe the effect of the presence and absence of these conditions to the right:

The trait in question here is the color of the individual. In this case selection acts against purple individuals and for green individuals.