Sympatric Speciation - Simulation

In this simulation, two patchy environments exist within the same geographic range. Individuals are free to travel anywhere within this geographic range. The mobility of the individuals can be adjusted, as well as the optimal genotypes for each of the two environments.

The probability of mortality is determined by the difference between the individual's trait value and the optimal genotype value of the environment in which the individual is currently located.

An individual will choose to mate in a particular environment based on the value of its preference gene. Individuals with a similar mating environment preference will tend to mate, regardless of their trait value.

In the long run, the most successful individuals will be those that prefer to mate in the environment that supports their trait value. Through time, then, a genetic covariance between trait and preference will develop and allow the population to subdiverge and form two distinct populations. Each of these two populations will be optimally suited for one of the two environments.