Simulation Panel

The simulation panel will give you a brief description of how the simulation is constructed, the assumptions that are made, and the parameters that you can adjust.

The simulations are intended to give you a visual representation of the evolutionary process described on the background panel.

The simulations you will see will have the following properties:

1. Interactivity: this means that for each simulation, you can adjust the parameters and observe the changes in the results.

2. Stochasticity:
this means that the results of the simulation will not be the same every time the simulation is run, even if the parameters are the same. Therefore, you must run the simulation several times to obtain a general pattern.

3. Safe: I have made every effort to make sure that this software is safe for you to use. If you have problems with the behavior of this software please exit out of all other programs when using EvoTutor. If the problem persists, please contact me via e-mail for suggestions.

4. Unscripted:
the simulations are intended to demonstrate evolutionary processes. They do just that because of the principles of evolution that they are based on, not because they are forced to behave a certain way. As a result, random number generation is common to all simulations (do determine if an individual will die, for example). In addition, each individual is accounted for as are the alleles that are represented. Consequently, simulations will run slower than if they were based on mathematical formulae. Please be patient.