An Introduction to EvoTutor

Use the following sources to help guide you through the tutorial:

1) Menus (located at the top of the simulation window):

- Use the file menu to close the program.
Topic - Use the topic menu to navigate through the various topics.
Calculators - Use the calculators to check your answers to the practice problems.
Settings - Use the settings menu to customize the tutorial.
Help - Use the help menu for information about this version of EvoTutor.

2) Panels (located as these html files):

(BKGRD) - This panel provides a brief introduction to the chosen topic.
Simulation (SIM) - This panel provides a brief description of the simulation seen in the simulation package.
Parameters (PARAM) - This panel provides information on what parameter values yield interesting results.
Equations (EQU) - This panel provides information on how to calculate characteristics pertaining to the chosen topic.

3) Simulation (located in the simulation package):

- The controls allow the parameters of the simulation to be modified and the simulation to be run, stopped or paused. These controls are presented in the lower portion of the simulation window.
Screen - The progress and visual representation of the simulation will be displayed in the upper section of the simulation window.